Waking Up from the Dream: Embracing Ownership over Your Life


Good morning, brother. Another beautiful day out here, walking the dog, making this video. And today I want to talk about waking up from the dream. Yesterday I talked about how we can feel powerless, how we construct a story in our mind, project that onto other people in circumstances, feel trapped by that, and then blame others.

It's an exercise in mild insanity. We create this false reality, then step into it, and then try to navigate it, and we're confused as to why things don't work out the way that we think they're supposed to work out. We've, we're holding competing ideas, competing thoughts in our head, and the worst part is we don't realize that...

We've created it. We don't realize that it's not real. We don't realize that it's a story in our mind that we've just accepted as truth. And we haven't challenged it. And we haven't, decided for ourselves that we want to be the creators of our life. That we want to be the artist that creates, not the powerless victim that...

It's just subject to. This is where we move from being a victim to being an owner, to having ownership over our thoughts and ownership over our life. And today I want to talk to you, like I said, about waking up from the dream. Because if it's, if we're creating this for ourselves, how do we wake up from that dream?

How do we create the thing that we want as opposed to just being subject to? So first, let me tell you a real quick story to illustrate the point.

The Dream and the Dog

Last night I had this dream, oddly enough, that I was traveling with some other people in a truck. We were going someplace, and the driver was in a hurry to get there. I didn't really know the driver, but I was a passenger in that vehicle.

At some point, I realized that my dog, Poncho, was not there with us. It struck me that he was missing. I insisted that we go back to find him. The driver turned the vehicle around, and we returned to the place we had been staying.

However, the location was unfamiliar, and Poncho was nowhere to be found. The anxiety started to creep in as I realized that he could be lost in an unfamiliar place without a clear sense of direction. In the past, he had wandered off and got lost, but we had always managed to find him.

In this dream, we didn't have that familiarity or means of locating him. The fear of not seeing my dog again started to consume me. But then, amidst the dream, I had a moment of clarity.

I realized that it was just a dream. None of it was real, and I didn't want to start my day with fear and sadness. I chose not to engage in that story anymore. My brain presented me with options, but I reminded myself that I still had a choice.

Waking Up to Your Thoughts

And this is where we find ourselves in our lives. Moving out of that dream and into the current reality of your day, the story of your life. You get to have choices. You get to have thoughts about your thoughts. In fact, you can be the observer of what's going on.

We often have negative thoughts and emotions that consume us, causing discomfort and pain. We become reactive, trying to make that discomfort go away without questioning the story we've created.

But that's where the power lies—in becoming the observer of our thoughts, taking a step back, and observing our pain and the pain of others. It's about recognizing when we're in the dream, when we've been sucked into a moment of pain, and choosing not to engage.

The Practice of Consciousness

Becoming the creator of our thoughts is a practice. It begins with awareness that this is even possible. Through practice, we learn to recognize when we're in the dream and to take a breath and observe. We ask ourselves, "Do I want to interact with this? Is this even true?"

By challenging our thoughts, we can shift our perspective and choose life-giving thoughts. Change starts first in the mind. Everything we see around us, from bridges to buildings to roads, started as an idea in someone's mind.

If you're struggling to navigate a challenging situation in your life, whether it's a divorce, a troubled relationship, or dissatisfaction with your job, reach out. Let's talk about your thoughts and what needs to be different for you to experience something different.

That's what I have for you today. Be good to yourself out there. Remember, you have the power to wake up from the dream and take ownership over your life. Let's embrace that power and create the life we truly desire.

If you resonated with this message, I invite you to explore further. Reach out and let's embark on this journey together.

Let's continue this conversation inside the Mentoring Men community where you can gain the support and confidence you need to live a passionate, connected, and fulfilling life as a man.


With love brother,

Charlie McKeever
Happy Man Coach & Mentoring Men Co-Founder

"The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself." - Wallace D. Wattles, 1903

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