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"If you could do it alone you would have done it by now."
Charlie McKeever, Happy Man Coach


About Charlie McKeever

Austin Texas Happy Man Coach, Ex-Marine, and Recovering Nice Guy.

Hey brother. My name is Charlie McKeever. I’ve been married 27 years, have two grow children, and live in Austin, Texas. After reading No More Mr Nice Guy, I began my  journey to reconnect with my masculine core, eliminate relationship ending “nice guy” behaviors that were negatively affecting all areas of my life, and create a 2.0 version of marriage with my wife.

What I have learned on this journey is what I want to share with you, a man who is ready to listen and take the first steps toward being the man you want to be and to live the life you want to live.

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First she said, "I need space." Then she said, "I love you, but I'm not in love with you." Then she said, "I'm not sure I want to be married anymore."

Sound familiar? It can be a lot to process.

Are you currently feeling anxious, unsafe, uncertain, unsure, unclear, unloved, undesired, uncared about?

Are you feeling sexually frustrated, resentful, disregarded, disrespected, dismissed?

Are you a people pleaser, hyper nice guy, burnt out professionally, have no friends, no hobbies, and  work all the time?

You are not alone, I was too!

My wife had lost all hope of things changing and I wasn't certain how to get us unstuck either.

However, today I have friends all over the world, shoot photography, throw axes in two leagues, enjoy hiking, travel, spend time with my kids, work when necessary and enjoy a peaceful internal world, and a connected 2.0 version of my marriage with my wife of 27 years.

Life changed for me and it can change for you too.

Now is the perfect time to talk with me about rebuilding your confidence, reconnecting with your masculine core, dealing with separation or divorce, feeling valuable, worthy and enough, or any other issues you dealing with as a man.

You can become the man you want to be.

How do I start coaching with you?

The first step is for you (the prospective client) to initiate contact with me (your coach) by reaching out to me via the complimentary coaching session form.

This both informs me that you are interested and demonstrates one of the essential L.I.F.E attributes I value in a coaching client.


Once I receive your message, I will follow-up via email and schedule a time for us to get to know each other via a phone call or Zoom call. This is a no cost 60-90 minute call and there are no requests or discussions about further commitment or financial investment. We will get to know one another and learn more about what brought each of us to this moment in time.

At the conclusion of our call, we will say our goodbyes and then take a pause. This brief pause (1 week ) is for each of us to consider if a coaching relationship together should be pursued further. If that answer is yes, then you will contact me again to arrange a second call.

In this second call, also no cost and 60 minutes, we will discuss specific goals and objectives and determine together what we want to achieve.

Once we know that, we can then agree on what investment of creativity, time, and resources will be appropriate for each of us to reach these goals.

Then we determine the date and time of our first meeting and get busy.

What does coaching look like? What takes place?

Our one-on-one meetings are very personal conversations that will flow easily and organically. Like speaking privately together as good friends who want to catch up and share deeply with one another. We will always have our goals and objectives in mind, but as informal motivations, not rigid expectations.

While respecting our schedules, we will go deep, get vulnerable, and staggeringly authentic. Our conversation will be honest, transparent, and loving, listening intently to one another. Most often our conversations will be gentle, but lovingly firm when necessary.

As we converse, I will at times invite, challenge, and call you toward a new way to think, a new way to behave, or a specific task.

Between our conversations, you will practice mindfulness about what we have been discussing, try on new ideas, practice new behaviors or thought patterns and do so as a man who is living his L.I.F.E. During that time I may also send emails with follow-up questions, insights, or recommendations that will further enhance what we’ve been discussing.

Will there be assignments?

Yes, there will be assignments, based on our conversations and what I believe will be helpful to you as needed. However, my coaching is not school, not a job, and not the military. My goal is to help men become mature, strong, independent, masculine and attractive men. To do so, each man must learn the plain truth that they must exercise the initiative, effort, and follow-through to achieve what they desire.

If a coaching client habitually does not accept and act on my inputs, I will discuss why this is and pursue whatever changes would best support our shared objectives. In some cases, this may include ending or pausing the coaching relationship. However, this is rare.


Will you keep me accountable?

The only level of accountability I provide to men is challenging them to be accountable to self.

Mature, strong, independent and attractive men must learn to be accountable primarily to self. A man who does so is naturally accountable in all other aspects of his life because he is driven by his values and non-negotiable principals.

Being accountable to others without accountability to self creates an unhealthy dynamic in which a man is driven to action by fear instead of character, integrity, and purpose.

This fear will ultimately cripple a man and its removal is a goal of my coaching.


Why isn’t coaching free?

Free is a very loaded word with many definitions. Let’s assume for a moment by “free” we mean this one:

not costing or charging anything

Coaching is not this free because it results in a man that taking on false, non-productive mindsets that associate himself and others in a way that encompasses several other definitions of “free”:

relieved from or lacking something and especially something unpleasant or burdensome


having no obligations (as to work) or commitments


availing oneself of something without stint

Men are not relieved from lacking something unpleasant and burdensome. They avail themselves to obligations and commitments readily and with vigor and strength.

Coaching is work. Hard work. It requires a substantial commitment of heart, mind, body, and time.

As a men’s coach, I help men understand their value and significance as a person. As valuable men, our substance, and what we create as men are also valuable. It costs everything to become and be a great man, not nothing.

Making ourselves and our resources available to others without commitment, stint, cost or charge devalues us and our resources as men.


How much does coaching cost?

Until a man knows the value coaching represents to himself, there isn’t yet a basis for beginning a coaching relationship.

We are men of value and significance, and therefore worthy of investment. If we were to measure coaching in “cost”, we could only say it costs everything to be such men. We are all-in or we are not-in at all. That is not a real question, is it?

Coaching is a relationship that cultivates great men and requires investment, not a commodity measured in a cost. Cultivating anything requires resources; days, hours, tears, sweat, blood, miles, calories, and yes, sometimes even dollars.

A coaching investment is best measured in value.

“What is my value and how do my investments reflect my value?”

“What do I want to accomplish and what is the value I place on accomplishing it?”

“What value do I place on others who can support me as I accomplish this?”


The real question then is: “What is the value of coaching to me?”.

When that is understood, it is simply a matter of two men coming to an agreement on the value of a coaching relationship together and what investments are required of each man to achieve be in such a relationship.

As part of my coaching process, a coaching client will take initiative and make a proposal to me that outlines what value he places on our coaching and what our investments will be. If we agree, we make those investments and work together.


Do you coach women?

I work exclusively with men. As a man myself, I am best equipped to help other men.

You were born with joy. You were born happy and you can be happy again.

I can help you reconnect with your masculine core, become relaxed and comfortable in your own skin, have lots of  friends, enjoy your life, and have a healthy relationship with a woman who wants to be with you.


Remember, you don’t have to go through this alone.

Fill out my free coaching consultation form to schedule your call.

I'm here when you are ready to experience something different in your life and relationship.

Much love brother,

Charlie McKeever
Happy Man Coach & Freedom Fighter