The All New - Men's Only
Peri-Menopause Bootcamp

Learn more than just the essentials of menopause and peri-menopause. Learn why she's angry all the time, why it feels like you're living with a totally different woman from moment to moment and how to survive it all without heading straight for divorce. She's not broken, you're not crazy, and regardless of what she says or doesn't say, she needs you to be strong now more than ever.

Zoom Call #1

This "What The Hell" call will be an introduction to peri-menopause and how it changes everything.

Zoom Call #2

Now that you know what peri-menopause looks like, learn how to survive it as the man you want to be.

Zoom Call #3

The changes that are taking place in her and in your life can be difficult. Let's talk support.

Men's Coaching

Optional one-on-one men's coaching is available for men who want additional support.

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