The Desperate Husband’s Guide To Menopause

Your wife is NOT broken. 

You are NOT crazy.

Regardless of what she says or doesn't say, your wife wants you to be strong for her now more than ever.

So What The Heck Is Going On Then?

Menopause is transforming your wife physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically, and this natural, normal season of change is silently killing intimacy and connection, in your marriage.

Your wife didn’t ask for menopause, she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t want it and she needs your understanding, love, and support.

Do you want to know why your wife is angry all the time, why it feels like you're living with a different woman from moment to moment, and how to survive the menopause storm together without heading straight for divorce?

Step #1

Watch the Menopause 101 Live Recording

Discover the hidden inner world of what your wife is experiencing but doesn’t have the vocabulary or “secret owners manual” to explain it.


Step #2

Take The Desperate Husband’s
Menopause Course

Unlock the love, intimacy, and connection you want with your wife instead of heading straight for divorce.