What Does It Mean To Already Be Okay?

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Many times in the community we talk about being, "okay". We say things like, "you're already okay".

But when we don't feel okay, we can question that. We say, "what does that even mean? I'm okay. I don't feel okay!" What we don't recognize, because we don't feel okay, is that our natural state is calm. Our natural state is peaceful. Our natural state is okay.

Our natural state is calm. Our natural state is peaceful. Our natural state is okay.

It's our thoughts that are causing our lack of wellbeing, our discomfort, our not okay-ness. It's our thoughts, our beliefs, our worries, our anxieties, it's what we have going on in our mind that is driving us to not be okay, to not feel well, for our wellbeing to not be intact.

But when we get quiet, when we quiet our mind, when we don't interact with the thoughts, when we're not in a fearful state, when we're not in a painful state, when we can just sit and be, that's when we recognize that we are okay, that our natural state is okay.

So when we close our eyes and we get real quiet, and we'd listen to the birds, we can hear the bugs and there's that sort of ambient noise in our ears. Maybe you can feel your own heartbeat and you become aware of your breathing in and out. You are just there in the room, not thinking about anything, not worrying about anything. You let go of all the tension in your body. You are just letting your muscles rest on the frame of your skeleton. Maybe your head has weight in your hands. When you get there, that's when you recognize that you are okay. You recognize that your heart beats on its own, that you're breathing in and out happens naturally, that all the functions of your body occur without you having to do anything and the world moves around you. Birds, sunlight, air bugs, people, traffic, everything moves around you and you are okay.

All of these things are external and without the thoughts that go through our head, that we allow to push us around are the only thing driving our lack of well being. We allow our thoughts to drive our feelings and our sense of not being well. Minus all of that, we are okay. Our natural, normal, default state, is okay.

So that's why we tell men. That's why we tell YOU, you are already okay. No matter what is happening externally in your life. Regardless of divorce, separation, events, people, and circumstances, you are okay.

All of these things are happening outside of you are beyond your control. The part you have control over is what you think about your thoughts, what you believe, how you act, and who you are being. That's the part that you actually have control over.

You can step back at any time and ask yourself, "what am I thinking?", "Is that true?", "Why am I continuing to interact with this thought?", "Why am I letting this thought, this fear, this pain, rob me of my natural state of wellbeing?", "Why am I choosing to believe this?",  "Why am I choosing to let this belief drive my feelings and make me feel unwell?"

We all have the power to choose what we think, what believe, what we feel, how we act, and who we are being.

Once we are aware of, wake up too, and we realize that our brain has just generated a random thought in an effort to solve a problem, or to try to protect us, we then have the power to decide what we think about that thought. And then we have the power to either interact with it or not, to continue with it or not, to question it or not, to challenge it or not, to let it go or not.

No matter how many times it comes up, we can recognize it, question it, and choose what we think over and over and over again until it's no longer a thing because, our natural state Is okay and we have the power to choose.

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