How We Choose An Unhappy Sexless Marriage. What To Stop. What To Start.


If you find yourself in a sexless marriage, waking up each day feeling unappreciated, undesired, and unhappy then this video will help you change that.

You see, I used to wake up every day thinking about what I thought I lacked before my eyes even opened. I spent all my mental, emotional, and physical energy trying to solve the problem, I believed I had. But believing I had a problem to begin with, was the biggest problem I was facing, and it is a problem you are facing right now.

Are you holding onto beliefs, expectations, frustrations, resentments, attachments to outcome that are eroding your sense of self, well-being, and intimacy in your marriage? Are you choosing to be unhappy in your marriage without realizing that you have a choice?

That problem is the belief that you are stuck, that you are powerless, that you are a victim of people and circumstances, and that you won’t be able to experience what you want in life. But that is a fear and shamed-based view of life, one based on past experiences, observations, interpretations and assigned meanings.

Your life doesn’t have to be that way.

Struggle is not required to experience joy.

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Much love brother,

Charlie McKeever
Happy Man Coach & FreedomFighter

"The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself." - Wallace D. Wattles, 1903

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