Simple Tips To Quiet Your Noisy Brain


Hey, brother, if you want to quiet your mind, here are a few tips.   

One, stop having conversations with people who aren't even in the room.  

That trains your brain to create scenarios and situations almost like some sort of supercomputer trying to solve a problem.  

But when we do that often, our brain starts to do it on its own. It starts to spin up negative thoughts and hand 'em to us, and then those thoughts get us all spun up and upset.  

So we've gotta stop teaching our brain to run through situations and conversations and scenarios that aren't actually happening.  

We've just gotta trust that we'll be able to handle what's happening in the moment that it's actually happening.  

The other thing that we need to do, I highly recommend this, and I've done this for a very long time, is turn off social media, turn off the television, turn off the radio, and stop reading the newspapers.  

Now I know what some people are gonna say, “How do you stay informed” or “How do you know what's going on in the world” or “Do you just want to stick your head in the sand and not understand, not know what's going on?”   

Well, here's a simple question that I have for you.  

What are you going to do about it?   

If you aren’t going to take up a picket sign or go out and petition for something, or go to Washington and lobby and write a bill to change things, then how is reading about and getting mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically worked up about it going to do for anyone?  

How is watching it on television and listening to the media gonna do to help you or anyone else involved? It's not, it's not helping you.  

In fact, it's making you feel stressed. It's making you feel like you live in a world that's out of control and there's so much focus in the media on scarcity, drama, lack, and division that it’s not healthy for anyone.  

It's not worth it.   

Look outside your window and see what's going on in your own front yard, your street, your neighborhood, and your town.  

And if you want to get involved in something, get involved. But otherwise, stop consuming all the negative drama and noise.  

I guarantee you, you will feel better.   

It will improve your mental health. It will improve your physical health. Because when we have a thought about something, we generally have feelings about it and then those feelings manifest themselves in our physiology, in our heart rate, in our breathing, and tension in our neck, and tension in our body.  

And when we walk around living with that stress, tension, and fear, trying to deal with that and expressing that to family and friends and coworkers and children and all the people in our lives, then we're just compounding the problem and we're hurting ourselves and others.  

So there you go.  

There are some tips for quieting your mind and improving your health and your relationships.  

Take care of yourself, brother.  

Much Love,  

Charlie McKeever
Happy Man Coach & Freedom Fighter

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