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In this video, I want to share a personal story about growing up in an unpredictable and unsafe environment. If you've ever wondered why some of us turn into "nice guys" who are overly attuned to others' emotions and constantly trying to please everyone, this story might resonate with you.

The Early Days

When I was a kid, my mom drank a lot. I didn’t see her as an alcoholic back then. After all, the portrayals of alcoholics on TV were extreme and almost cartoonish. But looking back, it’s clear she had a serious problem. She drank almost every day, starting around noon and continuing until she passed out at night. There were times when she’d wait for the clock to hit a certain hour just so she could start drinking. Other times, she’d go out to get more alcohol even after she’d had plenty.

Coming home from school was always a gamble. I never knew what to expect. Would she be in a good mood? Already drunk? Would there be a fight? I’d walk up to our trailer, stand at the door, and brace myself before going in. “Hey, I’m home!” I’d call out, all the while scanning the situation to see if it was safe.

The Turning Point

Things got particularly rough as I got older. One night, when I was preparing to leave for the Marines, my mom turned all her anger and fear on me. She knew I was leaving, and it terrified her. She said horrible things, and I had to sleep with my back against my bedroom door to keep her out. The door didn’t lock properly, so it was the only way to feel a semblance of safety.

We had a codependent relationship. She was the only family I had; I didn’t know my biological father, and my grandparents had passed away. It was just us, and the thought of me leaving was too much for her to handle. Those 2 a.m. confrontations weren’t uncommon. I’d have to get up, go to school, and pretend everything was fine. No one knew what was going on at home.

Coping Mechanisms

Living like this teaches you to be a chameleon. You become highly attuned to others’ emotions, constantly trying to keep the peace to ensure your own safety. You learn to push your own needs aside because the person you’re trying to protect needs you more. This survivor’s guilt makes you feel like you can’t have any needs at all.

Even after I left home and joined the Marines, my mom would call me drunk, saying vile things. The next day, she’d apologize, claiming not to remember what she’d said. This cycle repeated until I decided enough was enough. I had married young and was thinking about starting my own family. I didn’t want this toxic cycle to continue, so I broke ties with her.

Moving Forward

She died in 2019, and we never spoke again after that day. It took time, but I’ve forgiven her and myself. These experiences shape the rules we create for ourselves, rules that keep us stuck until we challenge them. We need to ask ourselves if these rules still serve us and if we want to continue living by them.

Your Turn

I shared my story because I want to hear yours. What rules and beliefs are holding you back? What would you like to change? Let's walk and talk through your journey. 

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