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In this video, I share a deeply personal story from my childhood, something that shaped me in ways I only began to understand later in life. It's a story about my mother, her struggles with depression, and an unforgettable day involving our old Pinto.

I was around 11 or 12 years old, and it was one of those chaotic days that seemed to define my childhood. My mom had just returned from an intense argument with my stepfather. Emotions were running high, and it felt like the air was charged with tension.

As we drove back to our home, my mom suddenly pulled over in front of a row of trees. Her face was a mix of anger and despair. She demanded that I get out of the car. The intensity in her voice told me something was terribly wrong.

Even at that young age, I sensed her intention. I had seen her go through so many emotional rollercoasters before, and I knew she was about to do something drastic. She started screaming at me to get out of the car.

I was torn. On one hand, I wanted to obey her because, well, she was my mom. But on the other hand, I couldn't bear the thought of leaving her alone when she was clearly not in her right mind.

Eventually, her anger and desperation made it clear that staying in the car was more dangerous than getting out. With a heavy heart and trembling hands, I stepped out.

No sooner had I closed the door than she floored the gas pedal. But there was a twist of fate – a pair of scissors on the floor had somehow lodged under the pedal, preventing her from accelerating as much as she intended.

The car lurched forward and crashed into the trees, but it wasn't the devastating impact it could have been. Still, the front end of the car was totaled, and I was left standing there, screaming and crying, begging her to stop. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life.

This traumatic event was more than just a scary memory; it was a lesson in how helpless and powerless I felt. I started believing that if I could just do everything right, if I could somehow manage other people's emotions and actions, everything would be okay.

This belief followed me into adulthood, shaping me into a "nice guy" who constantly sought to please others at the expense of my own needs. But here's the thing – living like this leaves you feeling victimized and dependent. It strips away your power to create and direct your own life. It's taken me years to unravel these beliefs and realize that my worth isn't tied to other people's actions or emotions.

If you've ever had a similar experience, where you felt powerless and assigned a self-limiting meaning to those events, I want to talk with you. Let's share our stories and help each other clarify our thoughts and beliefs. It's a journey, but one worth taking because challenging these old narratives can transform your inner world and, consequently, your outer world.

If you're ready to explore these thoughts and start living a life defined by your own terms, I've included a link to schedule a chat with me. Let's walk through this together and create a game plan for your future.

Schedule a free coaching call with me to share your story and discuss what you'd like be different in your relationships and life.

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