How Is This Year Any Different?

Given all the undesirable things we can experience as men in this community, you may be asking yourself, “How is this year going to be any different than last year?”

Seriously, the pain from last year was yesterday, so am I now supposed to be excited today about having a whole new year ahead of me?

In short, hell yes and here’s why.

Before we made others responsible for our happiness.

Before we resisted change instead of accepting the is-ness of situations.

Before we based our value, sense of self, self-worth, and we’ll-being on people, things, and circumstances outside of us.

Before we didn’t understand that we are valuable solely because we exist.

Before we blamed people, things, and circumstances outside of us for our feelings inside of us.

Before we didn’t understand that our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations drive our feelings and our actions.

Before we thought lack instead of abundance.

Before we didn’t trust ourselves.

Before we didn’t trust the universe.

Before didn’t exercise self-care, self-love, and self-acceptance.

Before we didn’t believe a different version of ourselves or our life was possible.

Before we didn’t know that we can have thoughts about our thoughts.

Before we valued the opinions of others more than our own.

Before we didn’t know what WE thought about things.

Before we looked to others to tell us what we thought.

Before we were asleep.

Now we are awake.

Now we are more aware.

Now we are more conscious.

Now we are more alive.

Now we accept who and where we are in this moment, and we know that is okay for now because we are awake, aware, and working it out.

We are not perfect and we do not need to be perfect.

We are exactly where we are supposed to be and we are continually in a state of becoming.

Everything that has come before was necessary to get us here and so nothing was a waste of time.

We did not enjoy every experience, but we are grateful for what those experiences have taught us.

This year, this day, this moment is different because we choose us.

We choose joy.

We choose to go after what we want.

We feel the fear and choose to do it anyway.

The result is not important.

What is important is that we live now, in this moment.

This year is different because we choose to make it different and so it is already different.

This year become more interested in what you are doing and thinking than in what she is doing or thinking.

This is your mutha-lovin-year!

Print this post.

Tape it to your bathroom mirror.

Hang it on your fridge.

And take back ownership of your life.

Much love brother!

Charlie McKeever
Happy Man Coach & Freedom Fighter

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