Does Giving No More Fucks Mean You Don't Care At All?


Hello brother. I shared the following post about letting go on Friday morning with the men in the Happy Man Mindset course and I want to share it with you here now.

We had just finished up a group discussion about understanding where our value comes from as a man, which naturally leads to questions about what it is that we value, which usually leads to the discussion of choosing where to put our energy based on our values.

Too often we get so wrapped up in caring about things that don't truly matter, it becomes hard for us to let go of what is no longer serving us, whether that is a thought, feeling, expectation, belief, person, or circumstance.

For years I held onto the belief that if I could just "fix" what was happening outside of me, then all the parts of my life would fall into place. 

Doing so seemed reasonable because as a successful software developer and all around badass tech guy, my whole career was based on fixing things outside of me. In fact, I was paid high dollar for fixing things and I was praised greatly for doing my job well.

But my life didn't change, until I finally let go of the idea of fixing things outside of me.

Holding on to the belief that things were broken outside of me, and the only way I could be happy was for those things to change, was distracting me from addressing the real problem, my own internal thinking.

I was trapped, stumbling around in the dark of a false reality of my mind, constantly frustrated that things didn't line up, that people didn't seem to care about me, that no matter how hard I tried to do "the right things", I never got the results I wanted. Can you relate?

If you are reading this, then I thought you might.

Having been where you're standing right now, I can tell you that once you finally let go, turn the sock inside out, and open yourself up to the possibility of other possibilities, interesting things start to happen in your inner world and in your outer world.

So again, here is the post I shared on Friday.

I hope it meets you where you are and encourages you to let go of your own thoughts, feelings, and expectation that are no longer serving you.

"Good morning gentlemen. As the weekend approaches I want to encourage you to breathe, go slow, and smile often.

I also want to share this personal insight with you.

My life changed the instant I stopped giving a fuck.

I didn’t change houses or spouses or jobs. I changed my thinking.

I just got tired of being tired of being tired.

I just stopped giving fucks to all the things that didn’t deserve my fucks.

That doesn’t mean I am uncaring, or unloving, or unkind.

It means I learned to put my energy and focus where I want, instead of letting my energy leak out all over the place on things, people, and circumstances I really didn’t care to focus on.

I stopped worrying about what I thought other people thought I should do. Re-read that. I stopped thinking about what I thought other people thought I should do.

What I thought, what I believed, what I wanted, and what I was actually doing became my focus.

I took ownership of my life. I held myself accountable to me, to value me, to demonstrate my value to me.

Know this, you are stronger than you believe. You are more loving, more kind, more generous, and more powerful than you think you are.

You are NOT a victim. You are a “buddhafull” warrior, full of life, love, and joy.

Nothing can truly hurt you, not even the shadows that dance ominously on the edges of the fire of your soul.

They are just shadows whispering lies.

You can choose not to believe them.

You must choose to not believe them.

Your freedom, your happiness, your salvation is just on the other side of them.

Today, right now, choose what YOU want to give your fucks to. Will it be fear, anxiety, insecurity, shame and pain or will it be joy, love, and self acceptance, self love, self care, and self trust.

No one else is responsible for your happiness. Your happiness doesn’t reside outside of you. It exists within. It springs eternal from within. And when you uncap it, it overflows onto you and everyone around you.

I love you brother and I’m pulling for you. I know you can do it. Choose to value and love you. It is the way forward."

Much love brother,

Charlie McKeever
Happy Man Coach & Freedom Fighter

Tired of being tired of being tired? Tired of doing everything you think you are supposed to be doing AND not getting the results you think you are suppose to be getting? I was too, but I'm not tired anymore. Wanna know how? Let's talk.

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